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Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat Contests – Winners!

The 2018 Pascal (grade 9), Cayley (grade 10), and Fermat (grade 11) Contests were written by more than 65,000 students from over 1600 schools. The JVCHS community would like to recognize and congratulate Yoonseo Shin, Joey Chang, and Yichao Cai. Yoonseo, Joey, and Yichao received Medals for being the top JV student in their respective contest and they also received Certificates of Distinction for students ranking

EQAO Student Advisory Committee – Seeking Representatives

Attention all students!!!!

EQAO is providing an opportunity for students to have a say in the kinds of learning they are assessed on by the Ministry of Education.  As you are aware, students are required to complete several standardized assessments throughout their careers as students. 

Having the chance to play a direct and specific role in education is an important opportunity ... Continue reading "EQAO Student Advisory Committee – Seeking Representatives"

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